MediaiTech Solutions Services

In-House Development
Ready Solutions
Other Services

MediaiTech Solutions Services

In-House Development

MediaiTech offers multiple In-House software Solutions including:

  1. Legal translation (Arabic-English and Vise versa).
  2. E-Archiving. Click Here
  3. Workflow.
  4. Document Management Systems (DMS).
  5. Website and portals development.
  6. Digital marketing.
  7. Mobile application development.

Since the establishment of MIT, our performance has always been guided by accuracy, commitment and outstanding services, leading to customer satisfaction, which is the key to the business success.

Ready Solutions

MIT’s products cover all lines of businesses that automate, advance, and modernize the workflow. We offer top-tier solutions on an international level:

  1. Hospitality solutions.
  2. Loyalty solutions.
  3. Human Resources Solutions (Bayan).
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.
  5. Customer Relationship Management CRM solutions.
  6. Hospital management solutions (HMS).
  7. Banking and Core banking solutions.
  8. Gym solutions.
  9. POS Retail solutions.
  10. Customers and representatives management solutions.
  11. Smart School Solution.


MediaiTech Solutions supply a wide varirty of hardware and office equipment:

  1. Desktops, servers and laptops.
  2. POS terminals.
  3. Printers.
  4. Thermal printers, barcode readers and barcode printers.
  5. Time attendance machines.


MediaiTech Solutions work with many companies and customers internationally and locally especially in the Gulf area, where many customers are interested in MediaiTech development services and software.

Other Services

MediaiTech Solutions team has a variety of backgrounds, which enable us to provide many services like:

  1. Legal Translation (Arabic-English and English-Arabic).
  2. Digital marketing through the social media networks.
  3. Marketing and documentary film making.
  4. Business studies and feasibility planning.